Wade Fallow is Michael Fallow's distant cousin. He is 25 years old.

Wade Fallow
Some attributes
Power Biokinesis
Karmic Alignment Neutral-Good
Gender Male
Other attributes
Age 25
Height 6'5"
Movement Style Flight/Parkour

Auto Biography.Edit

So um, I found out the #1 guy on the DUP most wanted list, is my cousin..WOW I have to go meet him. I found out he lives in California at the moment, well this is all I'm gonna tell you now so buh bye.


Wade has Biokinesis the ability to change the DNA in his body at will. At the moment he has only learned how to change into a Dragon/Human Hybrid. Without his powers Wade is an expert Assassin, being an expert in marksmanship and swordsmanship he has broken records with his natural non conduit abilities by themselves. He also has some of the fastest reflexes people have ever seen, dodging speeding bullets. He has also done assassinations being very good making most of his assassinations look like accidents or suicides. He works as a Mercenary for a team called the ATF being the best in the business.

Dragon wings:Wade can sprout wings from his back that resemble Dragon wings enabling flight

Fire Breath: Wade morph his mouth into a Dragon's and spout fire.

Guns: ..Guns, what did you expect?

Swords:Katana's, ..other ones..