The DUP or The Department of Unified Protection is a government department set on killing all Conduits so that the disasters that happened in Empire City and New Marais don't repeat themselves. They have established a strong foothold throughout the US, with multiple Conduit-detecting checkpoints throughout most major cities and roads. They created the term 'Bio-Terrorist' to negatively impact the public view of Conduits, and claim to protect from the very menaces some of them are.

The LeaderEdit


A Regular DUP Foot Solider.

185px-InFAMOUS Second Son-Knight landing

A DUP Knight


Zander Smythe

The DUP is lead by Zander Smythe who takes revenge on the Conduits for "contaminating" the world, he and 9 other people are all trying to rid all conduits or as they call them "Bio-Terrorists" of this world.


Foot Soliders- A foot soldier is an unenhanced DUP trooper, often seen weilding assault rifles or sniper rifles. Clad in bulletproof armor, they are difficult to kill by conventional means.

Knights- A Knight is an enhanced DUP trooper, able to manipulate and weaponize concrete. They can be seen using a variety of weapons, ranging from concrete swords to rocket launchers, and their ability to create shields and armor make them difficult prey even for powerful Conduits.