Michael Fallow
Some attributes
Power Pyrokinesis
Karmic Alignment Good
Gender Male
Other attributes
Age 24
Height 6'3"
Movement Style Parkour/Flight

Michael Fallow is a Hero with Pyrokinesis. He is 20 years old, and he is the main RP character of Techno Bacon.

Auto BiographyEdit

Yah know how hard it is to be born to a father that's a Conduit? Very very hard. We would have to move every year. Escaping from the DUP and the police who call us "Bio-Terroists" That makes so much sense right? Bio-Terroists, isn't that kinda offensive, well I guess that's the point. I remember right when the explosion hit, I was just waking up, I went out into the hallway and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, The exoplosion went off. I hit the wall and fell down immediately. When I woke up everything was blury and I heard ringing in my ears, once those two wore off I went to the living room where my parents were before the explosion. I ran in and saw my mom on the floor dead and my dad was no where to be found, it was like he...disappeared. That's all I'm gonna share for now, since I might cry while telling you but once the story is over it'll be fantastic.



Fallow has an Abundance of Pyrokinetic abilities

Fire Bolts: Small balls of fire, which do little damage but are efficient and can be fired quickly.

Fire Rockets: Moderately sized fireballs which explode on impact.

Human Torch: Fallow can set himself on fire and become the Human Torch giving him access to the following powers.

Flamethrowers: As the Human Torch Fallow can fire beams of fire from his hands.

Flight: As the Human Torch Fallow can fly.

Heat Vision: Allows Fallow to shoot infrared waves from his eyes that can reach up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit

Whirlwinds :When Fallow is the Human Torch he can create fiery almost tornado like Whirlwinds.

Enhanced Combat:Fallow can enhance his Martial Arts with his Pyrokinesis to create things like: Fire punches, Fire Kicks etc.

Barriers:Fallow can create almost, impenetrable (laugh all you want at that) barriers of fire.

Cooling Objects:Fallow can cool down objects by absorbing the heat in them.

Skin Tight Shield:Fallow has a Skin Tight Shield around him that protects him from other pyrokinetic flames, explosions and the Fire on him when he is the Human Torch. This shield also expands to the person Fallow is carrying while he is the Human Torch so the Flames don't burn them.

Fire Constructs: As Fallow grows stronger, he can create different Fire Constructs. The most powerful is a Dragon, but that can ONLY be created when he's at full power, which isn't very often.

Hellfire Spinner: Fallow's Karma Bomb. Fallow constructs a giant flaming sword in his hands, spins very fast almost creating a whirlwind, and destroys everything in his path.


Michael Fallow.

Torch ffmovie.

Fallow as The Human Torch

Flame on 2

Fallow becoming the Human Torch for the first time (Click to see Animation)


Real life Michael Fallow.