Leonard Moroe

Leonard Moroe

Leonard Moroe is the Second-in-Command of the DUP and the father of Damian Moroe.  He runs a recently formed unit of the DUP known as "The Evolved."


He is cold, calcuating, and considered a genius by many.  He is known to be prepared for nearly any circumstance.  He harbors no remorse, even for his own children.  



Leonard's video contructs are known to be of villains from various movies and video games.


Leonard can change his arms into many different weapons.


As part of Project Evolved Leonard was turned into a super soldier gaining several abilities from the process.

Superhuman Strength-  Leonards strength is amplified to the point where he is capable of picking up and throwing an 18-wheeler, as well as shatter tank armor with a punch.

Superhuman Speed- While not as fast as the super speed power, he can run up to 80mph.

Consuming - When a person is weak enough, can absorn them into himself, this heals his injuries and gives him the ability to shapeshift into whoever he consumed.

Martial ArtsEdit

Leonard is masterfully skilled in hand-to-hand combat.