Jacen Colt is a myserious 19 year old hero with the ability to use telekinesis and neon. He is the main RP character of Freezing-Soul.


Not too much is known of Jacen's backstory, as he largely refuses to talk about it. It is known that his mother was a conduit, and that his father was just a normal human. Jacen believes his parents are both dead, but he is not certain of it. Jacen also used to have 2 other siblings, and what happened to them is also largely unknown by everyone other than Jacen himself. Jacen was the youngest of his siblings though. A lot of people think that it isn't that Jacen doesn't want to talk, but that he just lost his memory of it. That isn't exactly true though, it's more that he just feels like he doesn't need to explain it to anyone yet until "his story is over."


"I don't need to explain my story yet. I refuse to tell an unfinished story. Once the grand adventure of my life is over, then the story can be told. But not now, not yet. My story is far too important and far too interesting to spoil this early. But believe me, it'll be a great story. The story of Jacen Colt." 



Jacen can also use neon. Neon allows Jacen to move incredibly quickly, and also absorb and shoot light and such. Also a bunch of other shit that I could list but i'm tired and don't feel like it.

Physical AbilityEdit

Jacen has way above average physical ability. Jacen is at a physical level above most if not all olympic athletes without even using any conduit skills.