Year: 2014Edit

May 3rd -

Nuclear, Spectacular Explosion occurs in the center of the country, causing the USA to be a huge crater, the only remains are the desolate wastelands of what were once huge cities. But, what rise out of the destruction are Super Humans, called conduits.

May 4th - Michael Fallow, and Michael Posle meet up, but Posle just ignores Fallow and goes to his house to train his new found powers. However, Fallow gets annoyed at this thought, and just leaves. Shortly after, Posle and Fallow get kidnapped by the DUP and are sent to Curden Cay. Damian, however, in Detroit. He finds a few DUP, and shortly they find out he's a conduit and they try to arrest him. Damian is locked up in a cell with Fallow and Posle, covered in blood and guts.

May 8th -

Posle and Fallow escape the prison miraculously, however Damian was taken to be tested on experiments, and to be brainwashed and recruited to be a DUP Knight. Now he stands at this very day being a DUP Knight. Posle and Fallow went into the woods. They were fine until Fallow hallucinated and killed a nearby deer with fire. Then he hallucinated about a guy giving him a frozen deer neck, and he snapped out of it when Posle waved his hand over his eyes.

Posle leaded Everyone to a City, the city looked like empire city. It was broken down, gang signs everywhere, and chaotics.