1. Hair: pulled up into pig tails and orange
  2. eye color: yellow
  3. Clothes: a red skirt and tie, a white button up shirt, and dark red ribbons in her hair.


  • Scythe
  • 7 foot sword
  • pistol
  • shotgun
  • claws
  • buster sword


Haruhi is a Generator, that means she can change parts of her body into her weapons.


Haruhi is a generator. When she figured out that she was one she was 7 and got mad at a boy and slashed his face, from then on she want to DWMA to learn and controle her power.

Haruhi is 16 now and has full controle on them and hasn't found her partner yet because she thinks everyone in DWMA are nerds or jerks. Haruhi dislikes boys because she thinks their all jerks and nerds, and dont really care about girls at all.

Haruhi's family abanded her when they found out she was a generator because they were scared she'd hurt them, so from then on she never like grow ups. She grow up learning from DWMA and watching people.