Adrian Smythe is the Daughter of Zander Smythe and the sister of June Smythe. She is 20 years old.

Adrian Smythe
Some attributes
Power Neon
Karmic Alignment Good
Gender Female
Other attributes
Age 20
Height 5'11"
Movement Style Running


So..what's it like being the daughter of a crazy pshyco who hunts and kills his own kind, you ask? Not very good. I remember when the Explosion went off, I was watching TV and June was doing her nails and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM it went off. June and I were knocked out and taken to a bomb shelter before the explosion could reach us, but when I woke up, June was gone I couldn't find her, then I saw this purple glowing skin tight aura around me. I looked up and saw dad there standing over me, he asked me to come with him and I did. I saw what he was doing to June, he was brainwashing her to become a mercenary. He told me to get on the table but I resisted, he grabbed my arm and started dragging me towards the table, I was screaming for my mom but no one came. I opened my hand and blasted the table, he then let go of me and looked at me with Astonishment. I then ran away with this incredible speed, and I found out exactly what he was trying to do, so Just to piss him off I did all the things he didn't want me to do. I dyed my hair pink, got ripped leggings, really short shorts and I even got a nose piercing. Ah, I am such a Rebel :) But my hair is slowly starting to turn back brown, go figure.


Neon Beam - a basic attack that fires a powerful concentrated beam of neon. Rapid Refire - an upgrade that allows Adrian to shoot Neon Beams at a faster fire rate. Requires evil karma. Phosphor Beam - an extremely poweful attack that fires a supercharged neon beam, dealing heavy damage in a narrow area. Uses Heavy Ammo.

Light Speed - neon variation of the dash move. Allows Adrian to be transformed into a being of neon light, increasing their speed and allowing them to run over obstacles and up walls. Photon Jump - an upgrade to Light Speed that allows user to perform an extremely high jump when dashing.

Laser Insight - an ability that allows the user to perceive enemies' weak spots. Shooting the head will obliterate the target while shooting the shin will subdue it.

Laser Focus - an upgrade to Laser Insight that slows down time briefly when aiming.

Radiant Sweep- the Neon Karma Bomb.