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Techno Bacon
• 4/12/2014

An Experiment in Forum RP

This is an attempt to integrate forum RP into this Wiki. Plots and arcs behave just as chat RPs; this one's is not predefined as most are. To join, a character card is required.

Char. card setup--






Actions are written out as plain text. Speech goes in "quotation marks". Thoughts and telepathic speech are in italics. Use bold for statements of great emphasis.

RP rules:

1.) A character card is required to join.

2.) Do not take control of other people's characters without their permission.

3.) Maximum of two characters per person.

4.) No being OP!

5.) No spontaneous luck. Injuries happen, deal with it.

6.) Do not take control of the plot or suddenly change it all without warning and/or consent of other role-players.

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Techno Bacon
• 4/13/2014

Name: Michael Fallow

Age: 17 about to turn 18

Power: Pyrokinesis/Smoke

Appearance: He looks and sounds like Delsin Rowe.

Backstory: Michael was born in New York city to a Human Mother and a Conduit father. When Michael was 13 he woke up to the DUP killing his mother and father and burning the house down. Michael realized he wasn't affected by the fire and had Pyrokinesis powers. Michael walked out the house without any burn marks. He realized he was being Hunted by the DUP and he ran to his older brother's house who had no powers. He told his Brother about what happened and they both Fled to New Marais. Where they both stay to this day.

• 4/14/2014

Name: Romeo Fulgencia

Age: 14

Power: Light/Neon (Yellow/Orange)

Appearance: Romeo has short neon yellow hair, light brown eyes, and pale skin. He wears an orange beanie and a yellow t-shirt with neon orange paint splattered on it. He wears blue jeans and yellow tennis shoes with neon orange shoe laces.

Backstory: Romeo was one of the many Conduits locked up by the D.U.P at Curdun Cay. He comes from NYC and has the power to manipulate Neon. One day, at age 12, after his parents died in an incident, he fled with his twin sister to Seattle, where they ran into the D.U.P. Romeo then figured out he had Neon powers and exposed them to the D.U.P. The D.U.P killed his sister and locked him up in Curdun Cay. Years later, Romeo managed to escape and was on his own to survive in Seattle.

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